With my book now on shelves (and, of course, in “fulfillment centers”), I thought I’d do a little roundup of book-related publicity so far. In addition to several book events around town in November and December, the list that follows offers some ways to watch, listen, or read more about Believing in Cleveland. If you’d like to get a copy of the book for yourself (or as a last-minute holiday gift), it is available at Mac’s Backs Books (Coventry Village), Visible Voice Books (Tremont), Loganberry Books (Larchmere), Learned Owl Bookshop (Hudson), Barnes & Noble (Eton on Chagrin), and of course from online sellers. I hope to schedule additional appearances in the winter and spring. Feel free to get in touch!

Recent media appearances:

Radio interview: “Believing in Cleveland” Bull’s Eye on the Afternoon, WEOL AM930, Elyria, Ohio, December 15, 2017, http://weol.northcoastnow.com/audio/weol/121517DrMarkSouther.mp3.

Review:  Jared Brey, “These Cleveland Stories Will Change How You Think About the Rust Belt,” Next City, November 9, 2017, https://nextcity.org/daily/entry/these-cleveland-stories-will-change-how-you-think-about-the-rust-belt.

TV interview:  “What is the Power of Believing in Cleveland?” Ideas, WVIZ, November 2, 2017, http://www.ideastream.org/programs/ideas/what-is-the-power-of-believing-in-cleveland.

Review:  Jay Miller, “Cleveland State Professor’s Book Examines City’s Lengthy Image Battle,” Crain’s Cleveland Business, October 29, 2017, http://www.crainscleveland.com/article/20171029/news/140341/cleveland-state-professors-book-examines-citys-lengthy-image-battle.

Review:  “‘On the Cusp of Cool’?: The Problematic Nature of Rust Belt Narratives in Two New Histories on Cleveland,” Metropole, October 25, 2017, https://themetropole.blog/2017/10/25/on-the-cusp-of-cool-the-problematic-nature-of-rust-belt-narratives-in-two-new-histories-on-cleveland/.

Article:  J. Mark Souther, “‘People Were Saying Nice Things About Cleveland Again’: Reflecting on Carl Stokes and City Image,” Metropole, October 5, 2017, https://themetropole.blog/2017/10/05/people-were-saying-nice-things-about-cleveland-again-reflecting-on-carl-stokes-and-city-image/.

Article:  J. Mark Souther, “From ‘The Mistake On The Lake’ To ‘Defend Together’: The Long (and Amusing) History of Trying to Rebrand Cleveland,” Belt Magazine, October 3, 2017, http://beltmag.com/mistake-lake-defend-together-long-amusing-history-trying-rebrand-cleveland/.